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Since the “black swan” metaphor was coined in the 2007 book of the same name it has become fashionable to label virtually all low probability/high impact events black swans. But the danger of making an occurrence like the COVID-19 outbreak appear to be astronomically rare is that we will treat it as such and fail to prepare for the next pandemic. What’s more, those accountable for this preparation will dismiss their blatant failures because of the perceived exceptional nature of the event. When you make an event seem exceptional when it really isn’t, it will be used as a crutch by those who failed to prepare in the face of the known risk.”

Glenn McGillivray – Managing Director, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Western University, CA wrote in the Conversation May, 2020. For the investing community, Covid-19 is a black swan event that clearly exposes the frailty of conventional boom-bust cyclic investment wisdom. The economic turbulence, social-health structural incoherent exposed by this black swan event suggests a more robust assessment of business fundamentals should be the primary tools in investment decision making.

The key challenge for an investment manager is to correctly identify those companies/assets that are recession-resistant to have stable revenue streams, make steady profits and create higher value during such black swan events and cyclical market downturns. Our investment philosophy is founded on this principle to prime out such companies/assets that offer top end return with capital upside gain through the peak and trough of the economic cycle. We are embracing the unmistakably favorable trend in ESG assets in particular companies/assets that provide public ESG essentials, offer critical public services using proprietary technology to perform a mandated public service. We reckon it is high time to look for industries that perform across unpredictable time. It would be prudent to look for industries that underpins the strength and sit on the bedrock of economic, environmental, and social fundamentals; a recession proof industries that yields promising return over long term horizon. Such industries must rest on our shared and common goods. With this underlying principle we recommend ESG investing in selected industry that will outperform the wider market.

Impact Investment into
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation
A vision to reduce 2,000,000 metric tons of GHGs per year

Equivalent to 434,960 passenger vehicles driven for
1 year Carbon sequestered by 2, 450,355 acres of forests in 1 year

Our Approach

Active + Focus

ACTIVE Management + ESG FOCUS Investing Approach

Diverse backgrounds and expertise of our Management Board offers diverse viewpoints to provide operational and strategic advice, financial planning, network access and other areas of expertise in our investment decision making process as well as offering useful pointers to our investee companies. The complementary and diverse skill sets of the day-to-day management team lend themselves to a collaborative approach to portfolio management.

We make direct IMPACT investing in ESG projects or companies. We expect direct and active involvement in the investee companies to result in improvements in financial performance and delivery of impact outcomes. Where appropriate, the Fund retains the right to appoint a Director to the Board of a company it is invested in and will conduct annual performance and strategy reviews with the investee management teams.

ACTIVE Management + ESG FOCUS Investing Approach

Time Horizon – We seek out mid to long term trends, not long-term investment horizon. We make investment through growth cycle with mid to long term value creation perspective.

Geographical Coverage – Our focus is on Social and Environmental Capital Building and Growth opportunities in South East Asia. The Region is set to reap socio-economic benefits of her young and healthy demography. With an impressive rise in income level and deepening financial literacy, we envision vast opportunities in social and environmental capital building potential in this geographical region.

Geographical Coverage

Industry Focus

Waste Management

Waste Management

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Health Food & Care

Health Food & Care

Advance Manufacturing

Advance Manufacturing

Why ESG Investing?

Building A Greener Planet for Our Shared Future

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing is about responsible investing using a set of commonly accepted values for greater good. It is about feeling good about the choice we make in investment decisions.

ESG Impacting Investing is direct investment into organizations or companies to know for sure your hard-earned investment fund is making direct impact in reducing carbon emission, improving standard of living and upholding human rights. ESG Impact Investing makes obvious sense when it comes with an attractive return for your investment.

Impact ESG Investing in Green Resource Manufacturing Projects is Carbon Neutral Investing, building social capital while producing attractive return of capital. Green Resource Manufacturing is a 5th generation technological approach to solving this societal-environmental problem of the last three (3) decades. The new approach makes use of waste material as manufacturing input to produce high quality products. It combines recycling, recovery, and re-manufacture (re-use) of recovered material. It is the ultimate carbon neutral production process while saving future carbon remission and pollution traditionally produced from fresh mining and production of virgin material.